SE*Nínim's put a lot of effort in finding long and lasting homes for our kittens.

Our kittens are sold as family members. Showing and breeding is not essential.

For the good of the cat, and to elevate the status of cats, an offspring from SE*Nínim's is not sold as an outdoor cat. Beeing outdoors on a balcony or taking walks on a lead is encouraged.

When a kittens from SE*Nínim's move they are:

At least 14 weeks

Registered in SVERAK and has a pedigree

Vaccinated two times

A health certificate that is not more then 7 days old

ID marked with chip

White kittens are BAER-tested

We only breed with HCM and PKD negative parents.

We have no kittens at the moment!

Check out out planned litters.

March 2021

At the moment there is a huge interest to buy a kitten from SE*Nínim’s

I have a lot of requests already for the litters that are meant to be born this winter.


The most important thing for me is to find long-lasting, loving homes for my kittens. That is why I don’t have a system of ”first come first served”.

I take the liberty of choosing from the interested families in order to match the right kitten with the right family. That is why the kittens are not booked right away, but instead I wait and see how they develop their personality and appearance until 4-5 weeks of age.

I always want the interested family to come for a visit, if possible, before deciding on a kitten.


When you are interested in buying a kitten from SE*Nínims, please get in touch with Linnea. And also sign up for the newsletter.

Upon contact, please describe the kind of home you can offer a kitten from SE*Nínim’s. If you and you family has had cats before. What you think about the fact that I don’t sell kittens as outdoor cats.


The next step is to come and visit the kittens.

It’s important that you get a connection between yourself and kitten, and also between the breeder and yourself.